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  • What are your hours?
    We are open by appointment only. Please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Our general hours are Mon-Sat with 10am, 1pm, & 6pm as appointment times.
  • What is your return policy?
    All sales are final.
  • Do you rent your gowns?
    We unfortunately do not rent any of our gowns.
  • Is there a fee to try on your gowns?
    Yes, we have a $50 booking fee. This fee can be E-transferred to to secure your appointment. If you purchase your gown with us the fee amount will be taken off the total. If not, the fee will be non-refundable.
  • What is the Simply White experience?
    We believe that everyone deserves to feel & look beautiful. We strive to provide an unforgettable and comfortable time, plan on having a great customer experience. We look forward to being a part of your big day!
  • Do you offer alterations on wedding gowns?
    While we do not offer in house alterations on wedding gowns, we have a experienced seamstress we can confidently recommend that is close by. She is highly qualified to help you alter your gown in the way you would like it to be.
  • What is the price range of your gowns?
    Our gowns can start around $600 and go up to around $2200. The average price being around $1100-$1400.
  • Do you sell gowns off the rack or do we have to order?
    We sell all our gowns off the rack. However, if you need a different size or colour, we can always look at the option of ordering . Keep in mind that ordering can take up to 14-16 weeks.
  • Can I bring children to my appointment?
    We understand that it can be difficult to find accommodations for little ones. We discourage bringing them to your bridal appointment as they can get easily distracted or be distracting yo you and your bridal party. If it works best to bring them, just be aware of what they are as there is a lot of expensive merchandise in our salon.
  • If I need time to think about a gown, can I put it on hold?
    Yes! We understand that sometimes you need a night to think on it. You can put a gown on hold for $30. It is a 48-hour hold. That money will go towards the gown if you decide to get the gown. If not, the $30 hold is non-refundable.
  • How long does it take to order a gown in?
    If the gown is in stock it takes 1-2 weeks. If the gown is not in stock ordering can take up to 14-16 weeks. There is also the option to pay a rush fee that usually pushes the ship date up 2-4 weeks.
  • What styles of gowns do you carry?
    All the gowns we carry are modest gowns, We carry gowns from several different designers. We have a great selection of different silhouettes, styles, colours and much more! There are plenty of options for you to find your dream wedding gown!
  • How many guests should I bring to my appointment?
    We can comfortably accommodate 4-5 guests. If you plan on bringing more, we can always add more chairs so they can also enjoy the experience. Please let us know beforehand if you plan on bringing more than 5 people so we can plan accordingly.
  • How can I prepare for my appointment?
    Wear light coloured under garments, if possible. Take a look online for gowns that interest you. Always keep an open mind and know that you may end loving a gown that you would have never expected to love!
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